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BEO 2019 lands in Barcelona as part of the World Roller Games 2019 sports program.

The Barcelona European Open 2019 already has place and date. This year, which is one of the leading competitions in European skateboarding will take place within the program of competitions of the World Roller Games Barcelona. On the weekend of July 6 and 7, the Palau Sant Jordi will witness the tricks that will be performed by more than 70 athletes who have confirmed their participation in our competition.


High level facilities.

A venue like the Palau Sant Jordi deserved sports facilities to match, and our colleagues from California Skateparks Europe have been responsible for the 1,000 m2 of skatepark offer optimal conditions for our skaters.
Railings, hubbas and inclined planes dominate the skatepark limited by two large quarterpipes that offer the speed needed to reach all the modules in comfort.

Big names confirmed:

High level skateboarders have confirmed their attendance at BEO 2019 and many countries are represented this year, even other continents have representation in this special edition of our competition.
Skaters of the stature of Jorge Simoes, Ke’Chaud Johnson, Danny León or Mattias dell Olio will come to present their credentials to win the grand prize of € 8,000 that will receive the winner of this edition.
Prizes: 1st – 8,000 € / 2nd – 3,000 € / 3rd – 1,000 € / 4th – 200 € / 5th – 100 €


Top female competition:

Daniela Terol, our BEO 2018 champion, leads a list of 13 talents of women’s skateboarding. International names and much national flow will be seen at the Palau Sant Jordi on July 6 and 7. Andrea Benitez, Héloïse Wathelet, Evelien Bouilliart and Paola Flores will get their best skate to offer the best show to all the audience attending the World Roller Games.
Prizes: 1 – 4,000 € / 2nd – 1,500 € / 3rd – 500 € / 4th – 150 € / 5th – 100 €


Tickets available from € 16 here:



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