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The second edition of the Barcelona European Open (BEO) was held on Saturday June 16 in the action sports festival imaginExtreme in the Parc del Fòrum. The three BEO finals, the junior, female and male, were held one after the other on Saturday afternoon in Street Park created by California Ramps. This year they wanted to make a very technical circuit, with many handrails, gaps and curbs to slide and jump over them.

The first final of the BEO was the one with the youngest skaters, the junior category, and for some of them it was their first official competition. There were 6 riders of different nationalities: Czechs, Moroccans and several Spanish. We could see that the kids have a lot of style and a lot of potential since the final was very close among the little ones because they had a similar level. The most solid round with the best trick we could see was for the Catalan Kevin Lopez who won the gold medal, followed with the silver medal of Ayoub Elmrabet from Morocco and the bronze medal for another Spanish Alejandro Beneito.

Then it was the turn of the women’s final. The final was also disputed by 6 riders and the youngest one, with only 9 years old, got his place in the final of the BEO. The girls risked a lot because they wanted to give the best of them and show that the girls also know how to skate and very well. In addition, we saw very good tricks in the rounds in all the modules of the Street Park. After a great battle with the rounds followed by the best tricks, the great winner who took the gold medal was to the surprise of many for Daniela Terol, with only 9 years, that with a spectacular round and some best tricks that left more than one with an open mouth. The silver was for Andrea Benitez, one of the favourites of this final, and the bronze went to Eugenia Ginepro, who was already the podium in the last edition.

The third and final competition of the BEO was the men’s final when the stands were already full of people to enjoy the last competition of the day. The finalists of this edition came from many different countries: Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Germany and also a local rider, Danny León, who was the only Spanish qualified. The level of the final was spectacular and the decision of the judges after watching all the riders compete was very complicated and adjusted to decide who were the 3 winners. Finally, the gold medal remained in the hands of the Brazilian Joao Lucas, with an impressive round and an incredible best trick sw flip fs board in the big handrail. The second was the German Justin Sommer who took the silver medal and the bronze was taken by the French Adrien Bulard.

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